Blog for a Cure: Influential Prostate Cancer Blogs

For diagnosed prostate cancer patients and families seeking information, the most powerful insights can come from those who have experienced the disease firsthand. Connecting with other patients or their families can provide a community for emotional support and a comfortable space to seek advice.

Check out the blogs below for some of the most influential prostate cancer blogs around the web.

MyNewYorkMinMy New York Minute

Dan Zenka, the president of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, blogs about his experience after being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. He shares his personal experiences, relevant news items and recaps from local prostate cancer events.




ProstateDiariesProstate Diaries

Dr. John McHugh is a private practice urologist and prostate cancer survivor. He posts weekly entries detailing treatment options, debunking prostate cancer myths, sharing personal experiences and the stories of other prostate cancer survivors.




GabeCanalesGabe Canales

Diagnosed at 35, Gabe Canales blogs for the Huffington Post to highlight the latest in prostate cancer treatment and prevention. He interviews doctors and activists across the nation to discover prevention methods, technological advancements in treatment and how to contribute to the prostate cancer community.



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