Brain Tumor Awareness Month: Facts and Treatment Information

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, a time to educate others, fundraise and offer support to brain tumor patients.

Here’s what you should know about brain tumors:

  • More than 170,000 Americans will face a brain tumor diagnosis this year.
  • Brain tumors can be treated with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a mixture of these therapies.
  • Metastatic brain tumors, those that have spread from tumors originating in other parts of the body, are the most common brain tumor.

Our center treats cancerous and benign tumors in the brain with a specialized type of radiation therapy called stereotactic radiosurgery. During the procedure, precisely targeted radiation beams are delivered directly to a patient’s tumor with sub-millimeter accuracy, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Learn more about the CyberKnife® brain tumor treatment process on our conditions treated page or visit the American Brain Tumor Association for support resources.