Blog for a Cure: Influential Prostate Cancer Blogs


For diagnosed prostate cancer patients and families seeking information, the most powerful insights can come from those who have experienced the disease firsthand. Connecting with other patients or their families can provide a community for emotional support and a comfortable space to seek advice. Check out the blogs below for some of the most influential […]


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Louisville CyberKnife Radiation Oncologist Discusses CyberKnife Treatment for Prostate Cancer on WAVE 3 Listens Live


Louisville CyberKnife radiation oncologist Dr. Neal Dunlap shared the benefits of CyberKnife® treatment for prostate cancer on “WAVE 3 Listens Live.” See a full video of the interview below.


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From the Doc: Benefits of SBRT for Prostate Cancer Patients


Find out how stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) with CyberKnife® can benefit prostate cancer patients. Below are some advantages from our medical director Dr. Shiao Woo. What sets CyberKnife apart from other treatment options? CyberKnife offers patients a noninvasive treatment option that doesn’t impede their lifestyle. CyberKnife can treat prostate cancer patients in five or […]


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Louisville CyberKnife Highlights Benefits of Brown Cancer Center Partnership, Prostate Cancer Treatment Advancements


Louisville CyberKnife will soon mark a milestone with the treatment of more than 100 patients in its first year of operation. The center opened last year through a partnership with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center to offer noninvasive stereotactic body radiation therapy using CyberKnife® technology.

As a partner of the Brown Cancer Center, Louisville CyberKnife is part of the KentuckyOne Health network, which allows the center’s physicians to employ a multidisciplinary approach to patient care by collaborating with doctors across specialties, including radiation oncologists, surgeons and medical physicists to determine the best method of treatment for cancer patients.

“This type of collaboration gives patients access to multiple cancer specialists with a broad range of expertise,” said Louisville CyberKnife medical director Dr. Shiao Woo. “We strive to offer the best options for each specific patient and allow for open communication between doctors and patients.”


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Prostate Series: Treatment Comparison


Once prostate cancer has been diagnosed, the right treatment option can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Not only is the stage and grade of the tumor important, but also the age, health and lifestyle of the patient. Below is a basic overview of prostate cancer treatment options. Consult your doctor and physicians […]


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Prostate Cancer by the Numbers: American Cancer Society Facts and Figures


Have you seen the latest prostate cancer facts and figures released by the American Cancer Society? We’ve included some noteworthy stats below. To learn more, visit the prostate cancer section of the American Cancer Society website. This post is part of a series dedicated to addressing one of the most important health issues facing men […]


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Prostate Cancer Staging


Prostate cancer is staged using the TNM system, established by the American Joint Committee on Cancer. The system uses five factors to stage prostate cancer: 1.The size of the tumor or “T” 2.The presence of cancer in nearby lymph nodes or “N”3.Whether the cancer has metastasized “M” 4.The PSA level at diagnosis 5.Gleason score based […]


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Spotlight On: Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is a disease specific to men and develops in the prostate “Ò a walnut-shaped organ in a man’s lower abdomen that controls the flow of urine and semen through the reproductive system. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, prostate cancer is typically a slow-growing tumor, often causing no symptoms until it reaches a […]


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Louisville CyberKnife Reports on Lung Cancer Prevalence in Kentucky, Provides Noninvasive Treatment Option


Lung cancer incidence and mortality rates in Kentucky rank highest in the nation, The American Cancer Society reports. Men make up the majority of these cases as the disease kills more men in Kentucky than prostate cancer, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer combined.

Louisville CyberKnife joins a national effort during Men’s Health Month to promote early detection and treatment of disease and raise awareness of common preventable male health issues.

For Kentuckiana men facing a lung cancer diagnosis, treatment can be found close to home. Louisville CyberKnife treats tumors with a nonsurgical procedure called stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) using CyberKnife® technology. During the procedure, the CyberKnife delivers highly focused beams of radiation to tumors with sub-millimeter accuracy.


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ASTRO Endorses Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy As First-Line Prostate Cancer Treatment Option


The American Society for Radiation Oncology has announced the classification of stereotactic body radiation therapy as a first-line treatment option for prostate cancer. As a first-line treatment, SBRT can be considered a primary form of treatment for prostate cancer. The results of long-term clinical trials supporting the safety and efficacy of stereotactic body radiation in […]


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