Recurrent Lung Cancer Patient: Janice’s Story

When Janice Fulton received a diagnosis for recurrent lung cancer, she wasn’t sure what options would be available to her.

“I was one of those people who had a million questions and every one of my questions was answered,” she said.

Her treating physician, Dr. Neal Dunlap, suggested CyberKnife® after determining that her tumor was located very close to where her original tumor was previously treated.

“Her tumor was very close to a lot of critical structures in her lung, the breathing tubes, the swallowing tubes,” he said. “CyberKnife allowed us to deliver pinpoint radiation directly to the tumor while minimizing the dose to other important organs in her body. What we really wanted to do was offer her a chance at a cure but let her remain functional and do the things that she wants to do.”

Janice was treated noninvasively within five treatment sessions and was able to return to her active routine with her grandchildren immediately.

“I’ve got quite a few grandchildren and I was limited on going to their sports events and now I can go to their swim meets, basketball games and outings with the families,” she said. “I can stay longer and don’t get so worn out. Chemo really wears you out and with CyberKnife I had no problem with it.”