The Value of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center

As a proud department of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Louisville CyberKnife has access to an experienced physician staff that enables our team to offer patients a multidisciplinary approach in which a variety of surgery and oncology experts collaborate to develop comprehensive treatment plans.

Hear from our physicians on why they enjoy being part of the patient care team at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

€œWhen you integrate someone into a community of physicians that have specialties in these areas, they can work together to formulate the best treatment plan for that individual. The Brown Cancer Center allows us to do that on a regular basis. Patients are not getting the opinion of just the radiation oncologist or the surgeon, or the medical oncologist but everyone weighs in so that a person can walk out of here knowing that they’ve got the best treatment plan they could possibly have. – Dr. Neal Dunlap

“Working at the Brown Cancer Center, I have to say, has really been a privilege because I’ve been able to see the quality that you would be able to see at any national comprehensive cancer center in terms of people working together, in terms of people who are sub-specialty trained, in terms of people who have intimate, direct knowledge of the most complicated illnesses that are out there. – Dr. Anthony Dragun

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