Your Prostate, Your Cancer, Your Choice with Dr. Woo

Listen to Shiao Woo, M.D., M.B.B.S, F.A.C.R, Medical Director at Louisville CyberKnife, discuss the advantages of using the CyberKnife System to treat your prostate cancer. Dr. Woo talks about how CyberKnife uses pinpoint accuracy to treat your cancer, resulting in only five treatments and little to no recovery time. It's your prostate, your cancer, your choice.

Louisville CyberKnife: 5 vs. 40

Listen to former Louisville CyberKnife patient Dr. Louis Heuser talk about why he chose CyberKnife over conventional radiation therapy for treatment of his prostate cancer. The brief duration of treatment – 5 treatments vs. 40 treatments - really appealed to Dr. Heuser.

Louisville CyberKnife: Dr. Heuser's Story

Watch general surgeon, Dr. Louis Heuser, talk about why he chose Louisville CyberKnife for treatment of his prostate cancer. Dr. Heuser was very happy with the quick treatments and the fact that he was able to stay close to home and continue to work and see his patients.

Louisville CyberKnife: Cancer Treatment with Results

Former Louisville CyberKnife patients share how long they have been cancer free thanks to CyberKnife technology.

Louisville CyberKnife: Compassionate Cancer Care

Listen to former Louisville CyberKnife cancer patients talk about the numerous benefits of choosing CyberKnife for their cancer treatment and their thoughts on the caring and compassionate physicians and staff at Louisville CyberKnife.

Louisville CyberKnife commercial featuring Dr. Woo

Watch Dr. Shiao Woo, Medical Director at Louisville CyberKnife and Chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, talk about why he enjoys working in the field of radiation oncology.

Prostate cancer commercial

Watch Louisville CyberKnife patient Al Bissmeyer talk about his experience with CyberKnife for prostate cancer. Al said that only having to come in for five treatment sessions saved him time and was very convenient.

KentuckyOne Health Break: Dr. Woo

Watch Dr. Shiao Woo, Radiation Oncologist at Louisville CyberKnife, discuss what the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System is and what it does on KentuckyOne Health's Health Break segment.

Victor's Kidney Cancer Testimonial

Victor treated his kidney cancer with CyberKnife and was very happy with the results.

Get to Know Dr. Shiao Woo

Meet Louisville CyberKnife Medical Director Dr. Shiao Woo and learn about his philosophy for patient care.

Dr. Shiao Woo on WHAS-TV's Great Day Live

Dr. Anthony Dragun Discusses Trigeminal Neuralgia on WAVE 3 Listens

Learn more about CyberKnife treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia from our Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Dragun.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Testimonial

It was so much easier than anything else I had done.

Lung Cancer Patient Testimonial

CyberKnife is definitely the least painful out of everything and it doesn’t have really any side effects. I would highly recommend it.

Lung Cancer Patient Testimonial

I’ve got quite a few grandchildren and I was limited on going to their sports events and now I can go to their swim meets, basketball games and outings with the families.

Get to Know Dr. Anthony E. Dragun

Meet Dr. Anthony E. Dragun M.D. and learn about his patient care philosophy.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient Testimonial

I didn’t want to go through the pain or long recovery of surgery, so I chose Louisville CyberKnife.

Lung Cancer Patient Testimonial

With Louisville CyberKnife, I was able to get my lung cancer treated quickly, easily and with no pain.

Prostate Cancer Patient, Willis, Shares His Experience With CyberKnife

When I heard that I could have five treatments with CyberKnife verses 40, it was a no-brainer for me.

Get to Know Dr. Neal E. Dunlap

Meet Dr. Neal E. Dunlap M.D. and learn about his patient care philosophy.

Dr. El-Ghamry and Dr. Dunlap Discuss Prostate and Lung Cancer on WHAS-TV Great Day Live

Dr. Neal Dunlap Discusses CyberKnife Treatment on WAVE 3 Listens

Medical Director, Dr. Shiao Woo on Great Day Live

Dr. Dragun Discusses CyberKnife Technology on WAVE 3 Listens

Metastatic Cancer Patient Testimonial

CyberKnife was the most amazing treatment I had ever experienced. It was a piece of cake and a walk in the park compared to other treatments I had undergone.

CyberKnife Patient Testimonial

The only thing you can lose is the tumor you are trying to lose. I'm living proof that it actually works.

Lung Cancer Patient Testimonial

CyberKnife was great. There were no side effects and it was a lot better than surgery.

Brain Tumor Patient Testimonial

The doctor talked to me and explained exactly how the treatment would work, and I really trusted that I didn't have anything to worry about. During treatment, I felt very calm, safe and relaxed.

Dr. Shiao Woo on WAVE 3 Listens Live

Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Testimonial

The CyberKnife staff is really knowledgeable about what they do. I would definitely recommend CyberKnife to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia pain.

A Message from Louisville CyberKnife's Dr. Anthony Dragun